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Monday, May 31, 2010

Flash Mob Dance part I

I've just reached home after practicing mob dance. Fiuh... So tired because it's been long time since I did quit from dancing and chose other priority. Work. With my soulmates (my laptop and pc at office), I write a lot everytime. I thought my backbone had freeze and been ready to be broken :(

But today, for two hours from 19.30-21.30 pm, dancing together with my 40 friends makes me feel healthy and young.

Why healthy? If you have never been in sport for a long time, and you forced your self to move or jump with music beat, you would've felt as your muscle turned fresh and cells regenerated in your body.

And why young? Friends would keep your smile blooming. Either because you laugh at their dance style or they teased you because you did move like a duck. :p

Flash mob dance let me escape from the stress and manage it somehow. :D

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farica.wannabe said...

ayoooooo faye!
kita mob dance bersama!!! :D