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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Never Been Bitter

Honestly, I become a bitter person at least once in a month. The first reason is Pre-Menstruation Syndrome that we called PMS. I thought my hormones fight inside my body and compete to be the winner.

The other is because I got too much in mind. So, sometimes I need first-aid to blow up my patience while facing people. I need to hit my self first before throwing words into them. But once, I got it lost.

Today, my sister who lives in Germany phoned me and we fought. I dislike her when she cut and judged me when I haven't finish talking about my decision of something. And she said I was too emotional and seemed I didn't want to talk with her. I hate it when she compared me to other people.

One side, I'm sorry to be rude. Other side, I need to manage my own life without too much interruption.

Never been bitter inPMS days. *0*

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