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Friday, April 23, 2010

Underarm Hair Removal

I want to share a bit of my experience. What a shame! Haha.

This morning I interviewed an Australian man, who running his own business of Hair Permanent Removal. I was supposed to interview the Public relation last time, but because an accident, I was suggested to interview directly to the director.

His name is Iaen (sstt.. He's funny and handsome!) and talking about the new technology of this thing. 30 minutes later, he asked me to do the trial of hair removal on my underarms. Haha. I asked him whether I could choose other part of my skin (I prefer my legs!). He said, I have some options: Underarms, moustache, beard, or bikini. Waaaksss.. bikini?!! hahaha I'm not that aggresive anyway. Okay, I wore a tanktop and I lay down on the bed. And show off my underarm that I haven't shave it for several days. Haha. I asked his assistant who would do the treatment on me. And Mr Iean would. Haha oh no.

He started to shave my underarm and he asked me to wear sunglasses if I was shy. "It's okay. I've seen hundreds of underarms before." Haha. Then they (my underarms) were touched by the machine. Huahahhahaha! Then hopefully I won't find hair on my underarms anymore! :D

When waiting Anto (my pffice's driver) to pick me up (he got lost!), I and Iean were having chitchats. He's so a kind person and we share a lot of life experience.
Then, He said that he must go to the airport (he's playing Australian football in Balikpapan) then Anto came.

Somehow I regreted why I didn't shave my underarm myself this morning.. Huahahhaha.

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my mate said...

GOKIL Faye!!!
hahaha. but don't worry. bule also have their underarm hair! anyway, is it okay to use 'armpit' instead of 'underarm'? *wondering