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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday is Gathering, Gossiping and Laughing day

Grand Indonesia, August 23 2009.
There were four old classmates and an ex-private teacher shared togetherness in a huge mall in Jakarta with nice concept, which on the 5th floor there are good spots to take pictures. There's also a dancing fountain performs every hour, so many people will be standing around and taking pics of the fountain. For some couples, it is a 'ten-minutes-romantic-moment' hugging each other and watching this fountain.

It was gathering with Novy who just came back from Australia for having holidays in Indonesia. It was nice to meet her and Vera in Zara, and we have a lot of words to share. Zara was no longer exciting rather than meeting them, and we just walked around to buy a bracelet as a belated birthday gift for Ci Evy, our ex-private teacher I told before.

We have dinner in Food Lovers, and then spent time in the well-designed bathroom, and Tata said that that was a perfect lighting to take pictures, as can be seen from the photo above. She was expert by taking pics over the reflection on the mirror, seems it's her habit :p, (yeah I know that's true).

Finally Ci Evy came by, and we just sat in Starbucks, which has a kind of 'reduce plastic glass' program, and giving us discount 50% if we bring our own tumbler or glass. At that time Novy put out three mugs (the one is for me! Thanks Nov!) and we ordered Green Tea Frapuccino, Mango Passion Fruit and I have my own Caramel Frapuccino. We had fun chatting and laughing, nostalgic about fun moments in school.

Anyway, I support Starbucks for the campaign to reduce using of plastic glasses so it helps to prevent global warming effects, though I'm not sure whether earth still can survive or not.

After spending time about one hour and a half, we entered Kinokuniya and I felt like in heaven, staring at the books on the shelves, and considering about my expenses this month, I didn't buy any kind of book.

The gathering was ended in Food Lovers again, and at that time we, except Novy, have the same thought, "ooh tomorrow is Monday.. "

Accept it or not, we still have to pass days without knowing what will happen later, tomorrow or next week, right? We just need to enjoy the time which we can't turn back into.

I will miss that kind of moments, remembering how hectic and hurry I'm on days, which often make me forget about relationships.

*Thanks to my bf catching me up there and dropped me at home :)

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