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Monday, August 24, 2009

Gloomy Monday

These days I was attacked by morning insomnia, which it wakes me up in the mornings and it asks my dogs to bark and they were success to bother my early morning. As I'm awake but still lying on my bed, and covered with a thick blanket, I think so much about my work that seems really hard to be faced.

Why can't I keep relax, think clearly, stop worrying too much and wake up in peace?

I know it doesn't help me to solve by keeping thoughts in mind, and it just wastes my energy that makes me unhappy. What do I do then? I went to office one hour earlier by hoping I can finish my jobs well.

In the afternoon I have emergency promotion meeting, and it's unusual that my boss asked us to share feeling before starting the meeting, as it is usually shared at the end. I just couldn't stop my tears rolling down my cheeks and it was so embarrassing to cry before talking! Huh!

I talked with hiccups and everyone looked at me, and I just said my jobs were very overwhelming and I was pressed to do things without asking and understanding my situation. I couldn't speak up all the things because I didn't want to skip the meeting. I don't know whether they think I was a weird, spoiled girl, or whatever. I just tried to be honest about my feeling.

Okay then, I ought to try and try, whether it's the right place to be or just a rock that I should jump over. Am I happy to do all this stuff with all feedback I get?

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