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Friday, August 7, 2009

I have to tidy it up!

It doesn't look like a girl's bedroom with cute dolls and a nice smell. See the picture below to see where I spent my night, and don't consider the bunch of piggies inside the pink basket.

It's a 3x3cm messy room, which it becomes a dumb witness about what I do and what I think. I really know that it's very messy and I have to tidy it up! And what I do then? I turned on my laptop, take out my digital camera from its case and take a picture of my room and my closet that had been opened.

And here it is..

Can you imagine how can I put in my clothes inside a small closet? It can't be closed anyway because the clothes don't fit the shelves! Should I put away my old clothes and make it clean? Actualy I have some old clothes in a big plastic bag in a corner of my room. If you see the first picture carefully, you can see a red plastic. Found it? Yeah it is. Ok, or should I replace my closet with a bigger one?

Actually, my writing above is only reason to delay my time to not move on to make it neat. Hehehe.. and it's now almost nine pm, and.. It's time to tidy up!! (if you can hear my heart voice, it's hard because I have no motivatiooooonn)--> knowing that I'm sure the next day my room will be mess again.. :p

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