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Monday, September 13, 2010

6th day!

Whoaaa today's 6th day of Idul Fitri Holiday, yet I still have 5 more days before I get back to office. Yiihaaa! And I'm happy because I have plenty of plans during this holiday. :)

Some of them are:
1. Tidying my room up with Tata.
2. Baking cakes with mom (if she's in good mood of course)
3. Reading novel 'Away' by Amy Bloom and 'Dengarkan Nyanyian Angin' by Haruki Muarakami
4. Spending night in Cafe du chocolat, with a glass of peach magic and a mug of dark chocolate
5. 'Travel around Jakarta in the midnight' with Edwin only for finding roti bakar!
6. Bussines meeting to discuss for contents of a website
7. Writing together with friends. Excited! :)
8. Going out with my nephews and niece
9. Fitting kebaya for ceremony in WNR 2010
10. Buying a pair of sunglasses, a watch and a blouse
11. Video chatting with my sister and talking about NEW bussines
12. Waking up in the morning, yet still lying on my bed til 12. :)
13. Updating facebook of Gossip Cake and planning for its future!
14. Chatting in YM with friends, laughing at unimportant topics sometimes! :p
15. Photo exhibition "Jugun Ianfu" at Erasmus Huis. Worth it!
I might add some more my list later on :)
Thank eve, for giving me more holiday so I could do many things and enjoy per minute of my single day. :D


comelyvia said...

your life seems so excited and full of surprises ya, lol

Faye said...

Really?? Thanks you Tata! :D