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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Wed, 3th March 2010 at Borobudur Hotel jakarta

I Attend the second press conference of Java Jazz Festival 2010 which will held at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta. There will be about 1300 musicians who perform in this festival. JJF 2010 that has 20 stages is predicted to be the biggest festival in the world, and surely it will be published in MURI Record, won't it?

And you know what, at that time, Diane Warren comes to the conference and gives a little bit of speech. Wow, I see the coolest woman by my sight! After that,Griffith Frank (mix of Michael Buble and Josh Groban) sings a song and followed by Kenny 'Babyface' and Ron King Bigband singing a jazz song.

I sit on the floor carpet together with other press to get photos taken of them. I wear a dress sitting with crowd (men mostly)for relaxing my ears to hear amazing voices of them! Many press coming are from TV station, newspaper, magazine (included me), radio, tabloid, online news and so on I might miss.

As you can see the pictures below, that's atmosphere of the press conference at Borobudur Hotel Jakarta. So, Enjoy! :)

Appetizer of Press Conference

Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds

Press Crowd (and I'm in between them)

Griffith Frank with his handsome face and great voice

Local Artist and a bule (of course he's an artist too, rite?) rowing in front of conference table

The last thing, my ID card for 3-days festival. (anyway, the last letter of my name should be 'Y', and it's the mistake for hundreds time)


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my mate said...

faye! just read this post!
i think the second picture is not Kenny Babyface. it's Eric Benet, isn't it? :)

anyway, love the chiara's post so much! really like the way you tighten those words one to another! =)