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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Underland Alice Wonderland

Hohohoho by the time this movie has been gossiped and almost been ended up in cinemas, I and he just watched it. Maybe some people say this movie was very weird and different than expected, but actually I like it.

Kids in the cinemas laughed when watching funny scenes, it proved that Hatter, Alice, Red Queen, and the fatboys were really entertaining. I like characters of Hatter and also Red Queen, yet she's very cruel and huge (of course her head).

The expression of love and pain weren't too appear because the film is specially for kids, sooo there are no kissing moments or too criminal scene.

Once again, I actually love it. :)

After watching, we spent time for buying three breads, and reading 'Malaikat Jatuh' in J.Co (O yeah, plus a glassy donut and iced chocolate. I just got voucher from them, hohohohoho *big smileee!!*).

For dinner, we had kwetiau siram, ifumie and two big glass of ice sweet tea. Oh lord, I thought my stomach would be exploded!

Hohohoho.. Anyway, we had a nice Sunday.


farica.wannabe said...

hahahahaa...gue juga udah ntn
the fatboys mirip ipin upinnn

farica.wannabe said...
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comelyvia said...


Faye said...

iya ya ipin upin,cuma ini versi lebi montok aja yah,, (btw mirip elo sama sisca juga :p)

ucil: hehe nonton sm si bibir,hehe,, btw ente pny blog jg toh.. mampir akh,, :p