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Monday, February 15, 2010

13/2, 14/2=weekend=holiday

We have just passed two annual big days on the same day. Unluckily both of them fell on Sunday, which is we don't get extra holiday.

it's a guarantee that people-might be you and you--, sought about it. Extremely, maybe God would be blamed despite He was not good in arranging schedulle.

Let we think it over, why exactly did we have that feeling? was it truly In spite of losing extra holiday or we-specially chinesse don't get any chemistry into Imlek?

It is not bad if the answer is the second opinion,or both. Because I don't really think it is a necessity to go around family's house and hold tight your hands tightly then say "gong xi.." with face "where's the angpao??". But commonly if we don't do the tradition,most of our family will look we down.

Like what I did. I didnt go to my uncle's. It is not about feeling superior or undersetimating them. But I just set up my priorities on mind.

Then.. What about 13/2??
Ooh.. It was just fayelentine day. Hehe..

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