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Monday, July 27, 2009

Public Enemies, don't kid the kidder.

Last Saturday was my busy day (Saturday is always busy anyway). I started with IELTS class in UI Salemba. As usual, I felt asleep when practiced listening. I don't know why, I know it's important to study as well, but I always do that. Huhuhuu.. But it's not really different wif my boyf when he came to class on the 2nd session. He came with his tired face. Hihihi.

Ok go on, after that I went to office to do my stuff there, and it was raining, made me about to feel excited and peace. :) Oww.. I forgot that my boyf was waiting for me in Dunkin Donut. Come on, make my work faster and.. Gooooo!

We have dinner at Hay Thien wif his family. Hohoho I love shabu-shabu.. :)
Saturday night wouldn't end soon, because I, my boyf Edwin, Flo, Alice, Robert and Edmund were watching Public Enemies in Artha Gading at 22.30 pm.

The film was brilliant and so cool! :) Johnny Depp is very good actor, he could be very bad and powerful, otherwise he was very weak when he knew that his girlf was in danger. Edwin said, all men in the film were being caught in spite of women. Is it the same wif their ex-president while he had affair? Hohoho.

Christian Bale is also cool to become a police, either a Batman.
If i may recommend, everyone should watch this film and you will see the classic framing and good technique of camera shots.

When the film hadn't finished yet, only a pause after the police shot John Dillinger, many people stood up and got out of the theater. Oh God, there was still explanation in the film and how come they left at that part? Maybe It was dawn, about 2 am, and they couldn't bear the tiredness. hohoho.

..and todaaayyy is Carl's birthday. Tonight I and my fellows in office will go to Senayan City and watch Public Enemies again. Haha!! Sooooo Happy to see the new John Dellinger again really soon.. :)

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