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Friday, October 28, 2011

Memorable 24

Home Sweet Home, 22nd October 2011
Nothing compares celebrating birthday in the middle of my family;  lovely my super mom, dad, brothers, sister in law, lovely kids, and boyfriend :) Anyway, this was also celebration of my oldest brother's birthday :D

I know, I'm too old to blow the candles and sing Happy Birthday song together, so we asked Khan to blow them. You can find how the way he blew the candles, and the fire was lit itself again and again hahaha!

Yay! I got the birthday present!

Like Grandpa..
Like Grandson..


20 kgs of mangoes  

Khan, who was excited so much about to blow the candle, gave up after getting the flame was lit back itself again and again. Then he screamed, "Auntie ajaaaa!!"  He screamed to me, asking me to replaced him to blow the naughty candles. haha!

 This is Kilana, who adores my mom's choco cheese cake. She was too shy to eat, hehe..

 This is Rafa... A-Very-Kind-Little-Boy :)

Hehehe,, and below is Handsome-Khan. I bet he will grow as a playboy and will get a bunch of fans! hahahha!

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