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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mummy Me

How I missed this blog.. ;)
One week after moving to this office, I was pointed to be cover model for one of magazines I handle, Kick Andy Magz. I applied make-up myself. Hihihi!

Although you won't recognize my face at all in this costume, but it's quite funny to run 4-hour photo session with my friends, and it was something really new. ha ha.

Many poses I've tried, and I just uploaded two of them. Here they are.. :)

..and this is the chosen one!

He he,, A friend of mine asked me "How did u feel when u found your face on the cover?"
I said, "Hmm.. Don't know.. hehe.."

And it's memorable moment, when I got reason why I wanted to apply Job in here was because I am a big fan of Kick Andy. And now my face is on Kick Andy July 2011 edition. What should've I thought, huh?



my mate said...

oh, so that was you, huh? kerennn. ciieee cover majalah nih. bibirnya. hahahaha.

Veridiana said...

Wow! Keren, Faye! :))