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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abstract is the new pattern

Noord Nederlandse Dans is a dance community from Deutch, it has been handled by Stephen Ahropshire since 2009. Last Saturday, 11 June 2011, My Friend, Anwari Natari (I call him Bang Away) and I watched them dancing at Erasmus Huis Jakarta.

It was really tempting to see their abstract movement on the stage under the spotlight. They connected each other, making patterns with their hands altogether, but it seemed the hands are from one's. The dancing really fits with its songs, so the audiences could feel the unity of music, movement, sound, and lighting.

They were about four women and six guys in Noord Nederlandse Dans club. They wore casual clothes with natural makeup. Sometimes they danced without music, yet their feet rubbing and thumping onto the floor. It really made new beats and rhythm.

The performance divided into four session and each session took around 15 minutes. We were coming late and skipped the first session, but three sessions were enough to make us amazed. At the end of the performance, all audience couldn't stop clap the hands and praise them.

Anyway, thanks to my friend who asked me to watch it. :)

At that time in different hall, there's also Enamel Exhibition, the history of modern advertising in Indonesia. Enjoy the limited photos I took from Google. Hehehe..


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