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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Double Birthday!

1st & 10th November, 2010

Dear Khan and Rafa, my handsome nephews..

These two days were very special to me. I see you growing up, meanwhile I used to carry you in my arm few years ago. I used to see your expression while you're sleeping, and touch your lips while you're asking for milk. :) It's like heaven, you know.

I miss to play with you together with your girl sister and cousin, Kilana and Chiara. I miss to be hit by colorful balloons like u three did that day.

Someday, I'll bring four of you somewhere. We'll have fun without being disturbed by anyone, even it's mom and oma. Hihihi.

Oma, who loves you as much, made you a cake and she was thinking for long time how to decorate them as well. Nice, weren't they?

Love you boys, though I haven't bought you presents yet. Hihihiiii.

Lovely Auntie

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susana yolody said...

huhu...sirik & sedih liat foto2nya...hikzz..disini chiara ultah gak ada omi opi,lana,khan,rafa,auntie2 dll. Sepiii...kangennnnn...gak setahun sekali bisa ngumpul2 rame2...hikzz