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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chin up, open eyes, smile, cheesee.. :D

Fifteen crews contributed for beauty photo session today. Thanks NYX (make up artist and video shooting gteam), eve's editor at large Ivana Atmojo, Photographer Niki, Hair Stylist mas Herin & his boy (who followed me everywhere), the best driver in the world Anthony Toni, lighting man Imam, and the models Endhita & Kethelen (who were doing so great!!).

The photo session's going smoothly, and all people here were very professional, helpful and crazy!!! --> as Kethelen said with her favourite words 'Bugil/Bule Gila' , 'cabcuss ciin..' ,and so on. :D. One thing made me surprised that this year she travelled around the countries such as China, Turki, USA, India etc, but she told me that Indonesia is her favourite because all people here are very modest and like to smile. (woooowwwwwww yeaaaaaa)

Everyone's happy and I'm happy. Love you all!

The result must be fabulous, then you can prove it on eve September edition. :)


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