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Monday, August 9, 2010

Beauty event is a ritual

Today I spent morning and afternoon for doing a lot of works on my desk in office, then I went to Garden Terrace Restaurant @ Four Season Hotel. What was going on?

Revlon has launched Color Burst Lipsticks with 15 shades, and for sure we'll fall in love with them because they moist your lips well :)

for opening and closing, we had Marcell singing and entertaining people. He made women there addicted to him, hhahahaha.. Anyway I was happy because Marcell waved and called me, then I had chit chat with him and some of my friends felt envy to me because of this. Hahhaa.. Sorry girls :D

Anyway, Revlon shared many doorprizes and grandprizez for media.. And I got two packs of make up kit (@750 k), while others got laptop, digital camera and LCD TV.

And as I ended my day, I did video chatting with my sister and baby C in Germany, which the photos will be uploaded on my next postblog.

with no particular reason, overall I'm happy today, with all the things I did and had. I hope tomorrow in my beauty photo session I handle tomorrow (starts on 9am) would be as great as today. :D

Good night! :D

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