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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wash N Blow by mysterious shampoo

Tuesday, 20th July 2010

Spend your pastime at Alfons Salon booth in Arjuna Lobby Grand Indonesia! From yesterday till two weeks ahead, you can get free service of washing & blowing for your hair!! For the result, I bet you'll get the best result and good smell of your hair. It's because of the mysterious shampoo and conditioner.

The secret about this brand shampoo will be told by August 2nd. What is it? (I have the answer in mind, and how about you?). Hint: Alfons Salon is developed under L'oreal Profesionne's umbrella. :)

.. and today when I was in opening new vegetarian restaurant ' Soup Soon' on lower ground Grand Indonesia, I met Tina, so we went to Alfons booth to get our hair washed and blown! :D

A nice and kind man handled my hair.

Our photo was put onto the wall and we did give testimonial of the result!

Thanks, Alfons!

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