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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hoeeaaaah,, Yesterday was a quite busy day!! Had a meeting with my friends of mine, Ndok n Montong, at 10 am, to discuss about monthly comic story for Prajna Pundarika Magazine. Just while gossiping wih Ndok about 'digging gossip straightly from Yuni Shara's child as his student at School', Edwin picked me up then looking for an empty CD at Saharjo and tali rafia but couldn't find it yet. Hmm, just turned over to the first place and sat on Warung Udin, burn the CD and passed it to another friend, Rusmin.

Go on, while the moody rain's falling and we'r going to Canon service center. It meant I had only about half an hour to TWO o'clock because it will be closed exactly! Anyway, I brought TWO of kind digital cameras, and my camera was still in good condition. Hmm,, Why when I checked it up at home, it always won't react when I press the power button? Huh!

Straight to Plaza Indonesia. Don't forget to buy Tali rafia on warung.. haha. The first destination: Starbucks. Edwin was busy with his laptop and I was annoyed by these Tali Rafia, to be made into Rok Rumbai-rumbai (hawaiian costum), dance costums for boys, for welcoming Mbak Aiko today in Annual Safari Program. Hoho, it's not a classy thing doing that kind activity in a classy coffee shop, right? By ordering TWO kinds of drink, Greentea Latte and Frappucino Caramel Latte, we weren't supposed to look 'not clasy', hah? hehe

Second destination: just walking around the mall bringing a black plastic of Tali rafia. What a shame! Just let him bring it,hehe. Entered Ak'.sa.ra and he bought a book 'Negeri Para Peri', so we got nicer plastic. haha!

Next: Hoka-hoka bento on 5th floor in Grand Indonesia. Before that we met Diana Rikasari, then Diana and Vinny. Had a little chat and laugh with them.

Next: Kinokuniya Book Store.

Next: Mc Cafe Thamrin. Just spending time again in the second coffee shop today, drinking Jasmine Tea, watching England footbal league, reading, a lil bit chatting and resting. My watch showed it was 12.45 am already and it's time to move on and end the day! Tired! :D

Conclusion: Today I visited TWO bookstore and spent time at TWO coffee shop today!

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