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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the 21st time

Dua jam kurang delapan menit lagi ada sesuatu yang berubah pada diri gue. Ya, umur.

Tomorrow is the 21st time I step into the new age and the new life. I believe something either good or bad will come in my new age later. And i think that something is depend on me and it will happen as I want.

But then, now I'm feeling really-really ordinary.. Don't know why, does it mean that as I grow up and I don't really consider about my birthday or it means that my life is boring this time. Hm.. let me feel.. Hm.. I'm just feeling tired after doing my routines a whole day.. and then i'm feeling hungry.. then i'm also feeling cold right now.

Be honest, i'm waiting for something new, some excitement and some interesting things that will come two hours left or maybe tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow or whenever.

Sometimes everyone said that we don't need counting our age, because if we are aware about our ages, we'll not enjoy our lives, and always thinking about what we have done until now.
But that's not valid for me. Birthday must be celebrated for me and it's a very special moment. I think this day can be my spirit to do something until next year.
So my birthday will be more special if i'm with them I love, I care and precious for me. I know i can't ask them, but is it wrong to be a lil bit spoiled and asking them to be with me rite now?

Ok then, because I'm not a fortune teller about what-will-happen-on-my birthday, I don't want to guess and let it flow like a fountain in the creek. I just want to think about what will I do next, what decision I'll take for my future in all aspects, which is always be a mistery.

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Wirya said...

how do you feel right now? feeling good? my suggest, don't wait for something.. but reach it... :d