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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A nerd in crowded lounge

Thursday, November 17, 2011 at Fashion Tent Lounge, Pacific Place.

Hi, evening!

Now I'm in the middle of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 euphoria. With my laptop, goody bag, sling bag, press ID, and black casual outfit, I'm writing. You can say I'm quite a nerd, but I'm not skeptic or weird. Trust me, I did mingle around and met familiar magazine editor faces here, but I still need time for being alone in this crowd. It's me, with happy expression, staring at people faces expression over here, and over there, filtering some inspirations from there, to produce some fiction writings.

Oh ya, do you know why I can connect with internet this moment, meanwhile I didn't bring any connectors? I tried to enter the network, and I typed password. I stole the network, yay! It was connected successfully after trying three times! Ha ha, ok I stop to praise myself in this unimportant topic. :p

And suddenly, my friend, Zenny, who taking fashion course in Lassale College, called my name sat beside me--with her four or five girl friends. Ha ha, the sofa I'm sitting on, is fully loaded in a second. Anway, I have just watched fashion show by Esmod alumni, and they were really great! Nine of them have their own characters, from bridal to edgy clothes. I was amazed. I am entirely proud :)

At the moment, I have to go from here, because I'll watch another show in different spot. After that show, I will be going to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ) to watch 'Kabaret Keroncong', performance directed by EKI Dance Company.

Haha, yeah, this is my life as a journalist and fiction writer. I myself demand to move quickly, and on time.. And be fun! Okeiii, ciaaaaooooo!!!

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Veridiana said...

Your life is so interesting! :)